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Skyhead is a multi-instrumentalist who has been recording and performing in the Detroit area in a number of bands and as a solo artist for over 20 years including music in award winning animated films and a contributer to the Talking Heads Tribute CD. Skyhead's music has also shown up in high profile radio spots for the UAW and the NCCS.
A love for many styles of music and a steady diet of alternative public radio has probably ruined his chances of ever residing in a single style of music or of ever finding a band willing to create music that spans the many genres that interest him.


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to listen to and find out more about Skyhead music.

Show Name Date Played Episode Name Song Played
X Pat Radio Jan11 2006 BareFT Podcast 66 When We Dont Know
Your Mac Life Mar1 2006 YML060301 G.I. McJihad
PodKaista May26 2006 PodPäivä 26.05.06 Back To Breath
PodKaista May31 2006 PodPäivä 31.05.06 This I Know
High Potency Music Podcast Jun23 2006 Not Played Flesh and Stone
High Potency Music Podcast Jul12 2006 Podcast #54 Satiric Robot Monks
Night Guy Under the Rock Jun12 2007 Under the Rock #2 (UTR002) Like A Mirror Man
Steve Simons Today November 18, 2007 KidsCastUK 44 - Great track thanks Kewl Bs Theme
Radio Orphans Podcast Jun16 2007 Radio Orphans Podcast 103 Babys On Fire
The Awful Show Jul11 2007 Episode: 9c Bumpy Cakes
Night Guy Under the Rock Oct30 2007 Night Guy Under The Rock 13 Like A Mirror Man
Radio Orphans Podcast Oct 31 2008 Radio Orphans Podcast Lets Go Outside And Play
Sno Jo Radio Feb5 2009 Sno Jo Radio 09 Summer Wires
Braincast Jan24 2009 Braincast 144 - Selbst ist der Mann! (about Self-efficacy) Exit Strategy
Eclectic Bliss Mar 1, 2011 Eclectic Bliss Episode #43 Sit
The Drill Down Mar04 2011 The Drill Down 175 ? Bambi Legs The Shimmer And The Shadow
The Drill Down Mar04 2011 The Drill Down 175 ? Bambi Legs It Didnt Always Smell Like That
Eds Mixed Bag Mar22 2011 A Special Pod 5 Reunion...In Your Pants!/(zero) It Didnt Always Smell Like That
Eds Mixed Bag Apr5 2011 Salt & Pepper/247 Compassion For My Machine

Some excerps from various podcasts that have played Skyhead music:
Kids Cast UK - this is a great Pythonesque kids show
PodPäivä (Finnish) Podcast (clip from both shows)
High Potency Music Podcast Edit (Flesh and Stone)
High Potency Music Podcast Edit (Satiric Robot Monks)